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What is Salesforce Service Cloud? Learn the essential functions from the Salesforce Handbook

Salesforce Service Cloud is one of the platforms in the Salesforce ecosystem designed to optimize customer service and support processes.

Service Cloud offers a variety of tools, so we have divided this topic into two parts: in the first part, we will provide an overview of basic functions, and in the next part, we will discuss more advanced functionality.

At the time of writing this article, the subscription cost for Service Cloud ranges from $25 to $500 per user per month (price depends on the organization's version). However, prices may change, so we recommend reviewing the current pricing of Service Cloud.

Salesforce Service Cloud pricing | Sparkybit Blog

Salesforce Service Cloud Tools

Service Cloud provides various tools for work, let's take a closer look at them.

Case Management

Customers can contact support in any convenient way: email, fill out a form on the website, call, etc., and each such request needs to be recorded somewhere. In Salesforce, this can easily be done using the Case object. You can create a new record manually or set up automatic creation through Email-to-Case or Web-to-Case. You can also automatically assign cases to the appropriate agents using assignment rules or route them to other agents through escalation rules.

Salesforce Knowledge Management

Salesforce Knowledge is a tool that allows you to store and organize information in the form of articles or answers to frequently asked questions.

Agents can quickly find the information they need to respond to customer inquiries, improving productivity and ensuring high-quality customer service. Alternatively, customers can find the information they need on their own without contacting support.

To start working with Knowledge, you first need to configure the organization: to do this, go to Service Setup and among the Recommended Setup, look for Knowledge Setup (if it is not there as in the screenshot, then click View All and search among all).

Salesforce Knowledge Management tool setup | Sparkybit blog

You will be prompted to select Knowledge Authors and add categories for future articles. When you click Finish in Setup, two new settings will appear on the left:


Knowledge and Data Categories, and a new Knowledge object (Knowledge_kav) will be created, and the user selected as the author will be assigned a new Permission set - Knowledge LSF Permission Set.

Salesforce Knowledge Management tool setup | Sparkybit Blog

Now you can create and publish Knowledge Articles, we also recommend configuring Permission Sets according to your needs (Knowledge User Access).

What is Service Cloud Console in Salesforce

The Service Console is a standard Salesforce Lightning app that simplifies and speeds up the work of agents. All the necessary information and tools needed to perform agents' daily tasks are on one screen.

Service Console

The convenient interface allows working with multiple records simultaneously to quickly switch between thto switch between them, edit, or create them quicklyem, edit, or create them - this helps to reduce the time spent on clicking, switching, and loading these records. 

The interface can be fully customized to your needs, for example, adding only necessary objects and utilities, configuring accesses, etc.

You can also create your own Salesforce Console. To do this, go to Setup->Apps->App Manager and click New Lightning App, on the App Options page, select Console Navigation and Service Setup.

Reports and Dashboards for Service Metrics

Reports are a tool that allows you to extract, filter, group, and sort records in Salesforce and present them in the form of tables.

Reports tool in Salesforce Service Cloud | Sparkybit Blog

Dashboards allow you to visually represent Reports in the form of charts, diagrams, tables, etc.

Cases Dashboard in Salesforce Service Cloud | Sparkybit Blog

These tools are very useful as they help to highlight important data and key performance indicators. Data transparency allows agents to analyze the statistics of their work, and managers can get complete information about the efficiency of the support service and quickly identify weak points.

Service Cloud Einstein: Service Analytics

To use the capabilities of Service Analytics, you need a Service Cloud Einstein license. You can try a 30-day trial version. Service Analytics is also included in the CRM Analytics Growth and CRM Analytics Plus licenses.

We recommend completing the CRM Analytics for Service App trailhead, where you can create a special organization with limited licenses and try Service Analytics yourself.

Service Analytics is a tool that provides functionality for tracking and improving performance based on analytics of your data in Service Cloud.

To take advantage of Service Analytics, you need to create your Service Analytics App (Analytics Studio in the App Launcher).

Service Analytics App creation in Salesforce Service Cloud

This is easy to do with the Wizard, simply by answering questions about which fields and Service Cloud features you use.

Wizard - Salesforce Service Cloud features

Personalize Service Analytics in Salesforce Service Cloud

The default program contains all the necessary dashboards and settings for a quick start, but they can be changed, filtered, and personalized to suit your needs. Service Analytics is also available on mobile devices.

Service Analytics Overview Salesforce Service Cloud | Sparkybit blog

Based on this data, you can analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), predict CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), learn about call duration and Case resolution time, improve FCR (First Call Resolution) and SLA (Service-level agreement), as well as identify weak points and make timely effective decisions to improve customer service processes.


In this article, we have covered the basic tools for working with Service Cloud, which will definitely simplify daily work and improve workflow processes. In the next part, we will discuss more advanced Service Cloud tools.

Oleg Minko, CTO at Sparkybit
Oleg Minko, CTO at Sparkybit

Let's unlock the full potential of Service Cloud for your customer care

Our team has assisted numerous businesses in implementing and customizing Service Cloud, resulting in increased revenues and heightened customer satisfaction levels. Let's talk about your case!


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