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Salesforce vacancies Sparkybit
Anna Batura, HR Lead at Sparkybit

Time for a perspective job you will love

We are centered around providing a supportive and fulfilling work experience for each employee

Anna Batura

HR Lead at Sparkybit

Sparkybit company values

Values & Commitment

We value our teammates' personal and professional growth and are committed to providing them with opportunities for development and advancement.


Sparkybit's culture and work environment prioritise collaboration, open communication, and a people-first approach. We provide healthy and supportive work environment with comprehensive benefits and compensation packages

The company fosters a culture of recognition and respect, has an "open doors" policy with no hierarchy in communication, and adopts a people-first attitude, as well as a long-term partnership approach. The leadership style is one of no micromanagement.

Salesforce vacancies in Ukraine

What do your future
teammates say?

I've been in Sparkybit for 7 years, and I consider it a great environment to grow and achieve. Working here is about a wise balance of things: work and life, discipline and creativity, moderation and drive, consistency and daring innovation.

Vitaliy Babenko

Senior Salesforce Developer

Vitaliy Babenko, Salesforce development _ consulting Lead

Because we care!

Career & Development opportunities

Sparkybit Academy, Trainee Program, Personal development plans, and reinbursement for certifications and education are there for you.

Healthy work environment

We practice long-term partnership approach, open communication with regular feedback and people first attitude. We value open-mindedness, maturity, sense of responsibility and autonomy.

Work-life balance

We respect teammates personal space, and keep balance between work and life. Flexible workshedule and remote work are basic 

Advanced employee benefits

We have lots of corporate social and educational events, advanced social package and extended compensational opportunities.

Sparkybit social benefits

Find your spark

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Join Sparkybit as Senior Salesforce developer



Upper Intermediate

Join Sparkybit is Salesforce switcher

Dnipro / Kharkiv / Lviv



Haven't found a relevant vacancy? No worries!

Adriana Boyarchuk, Recruitment Lead at Sparkybit

Don't hesitate to reach out if you feel that Sparkybit may be a perfect place for you. 

Adriana Boyarchuk

Senior Recruiter

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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