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Sparkybit GmbH

Im Dörener Feld 3

33100 Paderborn


Phone (US): +19176365857

Phone (UK): +442037738945


Limited partnership, Head Office in Paderborn, Court of Registration:

Paderborn, HRB 15083

Board of Management:

Olexiy Nayda

Tax number: 339/5848/2882

VAT identification number: DE342201031

All rights are reserved, including the right to the copying of extracts, to photo-mechanical reproduction (including micro-copying) and analysis by database, as well as the inputting of information and its processing in electronic systems. The same also applies to multimedia data (audio, images, software, etc.). All information / data is correct to the best of our knowledge, however, we cannot guarantee its completeness or correctness. The use of your address information and its processing by neutral service providers shall take place under strict adherence to the German Data Protection Act on the part of Sparkybit GmbH and its associated and affiliated companies, for the declared purpose only.

The European Commission provides a platform regarding online dispute resolution (so-called OS-Platform):

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