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Salesforce Team Augmenation

Focus on your customer relationships, market expansion, and revenue growth, while we take on team composition and delivery excellence.

Salesforce Team augmentation by Sparkybit
Salesforce team augmentation by Sparkybit
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hire salesforce developers with sparkybit

Work with accredited Salesforce Partner

Sparkybit is official Salesforce Consulting Partner with proven skills and expertise, compliant to Salesforce quality standards.

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Enjoy open and honest communication

Our values are tied to 3T: Trust, Transparency and Teamwork. This is our yearly-proven philosphy of building fruitful relationships.

salesforce team augmentation

Rely on proven industry expertise

We have completed 25+ long-term projects globally, with remarkable cases in Financial Services, IT and Healthcare.

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See us care about your Clients and goals

We dive deep to understand our Clients' customers and make sure your solutions serve their needs at each step of the interaction.

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Meet teammates who profess your values and work ethos

​Talk in person, explore our experience and superpowers, to work with teammates that perform and feel like a part of your company.

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Be flexible, grow fast - and disrupt the market!

​We will be by your side with Salesforce consulting & development, support your GTM and help with either continuous or ad-hoc development.

Salesforce team augmentation by Sparkybit

Salesforce Advisory and Team Augmentation excellence

Sparkybit rated by Clients


They are experts in their niche, and they're great at Digital Transformation consulting with power Salesforce. It would take us months, if not years to get to their level even with our scale and deep software expertise.

Director, R&D Consulting Firm

Munich, Germany

There was direct contact with a team, and they were very flexible to work in a new environment. Brave and truly dedicated.

Delivery Manager, Outsource IT Company

New York, USA

Sparkybit has performed well in terms of project management. They communicate well and are responsible, creative, and collaborative. They’re good team players, and we feel like they are genuinely part of our internal team.

Project Manager, IT company

Kozyatyn, Ukraine

They do more than they promise, and their skills are solid. They always raise their hand if they see an opportunity for improvement or risk. They don’t focus on their work only but keep the whole picture in sight, thus, they provide relevant advice and are true advocates of the products they work for.

Senior Director, AI & ML Dev Company

Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Ready to join your projects,
Ready to
fit in your culture

salesforce team composition by Sparkybit

​Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast", and we agree. This is why we invest much in exploring the working ethos and values of our Clients, all to respond to them with an empathetic and relevant work approach.


All our Salesforce teammates are certified and have more than a hundred certificates of core Salesforce Certification Paths: Consultant, Admin, Architect, Developer, and Marketer. 

Salesforce Consultants

Salesforce Developers & Architects

Salesforce Administrators

Salesforce QA

Sparkybit Salesforce advisory values

Rely on the Partner with proven expertise and strong Ethics

Have more questions about our Salesforce team augmentation services?

salesforce team augmentation FAQ

What does the process of Salesforce staff augmentation