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Salesforce User Stories: Salesforce Adoption Experience of FinTech Leaders Globally

The fintech market is substantially evolving and has an expected value of $698.48 billion by 2030, a considerable contrast to its $110.57 billion valuation in 2020. Today, almost 90​​% of Americans now use fintech services. The apparent reason for this growth is the global quarantines and lockdowns that forced a shift towards more customer-centric digital financial processes. Fintech companies keep adopting cutting-edge technologies to meet customer expectations and maintain consistently high satisfaction levels.

Salesforce CRM enables fintechs to significantly improve customer satisfaction, simplifying access to provided services. In this article, we are going to get acquainted with Salesforce users' stories and will see how Salesforce adoption helped companies not only to be competitive but also to ensure they produce best-in-class services.

RCBC Salesforce adoption

Salesforce for Banking: the experience of the Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (Philippines)

Salesforce helps banks to create personalized customer experiences. That's how Salesforce can help banks reach that goal, making processes customer-centric and improving the delivered service:

  1. Get a comprehensive understanding of customers for a frictionless experience with a 360-degree Customer View.

  2. Salesforce leverages AI-powered tools to analyze transaction history, channel preferences, digital behavior ior, and more.

  3. Real-time metrics enable fine-tuning personalized communication and tailored offers, aligning with business goals.

  4. A data-driven approach ensures reaching the right prospects through suitable channels at the perfect time.

The Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC) is one of the largest universal banks in the Philippines, with over 60 years of experience.

"The bank went through a holistic digital transformation using Salesforce to help automate and digitize its internal processes, marketing, and customer engagement," - Salesforce.

The general aim of such cooperation was to ensure the best customer experience while the world came online. With Marketing Cloud, the RCBC could use information like customer transaction history and demographics to establish behavioral patterns, which helped build more personalized marketing. Salesforce helped RCBC to understand its customers and create more personalized customer journeys, which gave them a clear advantage. RCBC also integrated Sales Cloud and third-party credit bureaus to streamline credit checks. Such integration helped to shorten turnaround times for loan decisions.

Tandem Bank Salesforce adoption

Salesforce User Stories for Mortgage & Lending: the experience of Tandem Bank (UK)

Salesforce CRM transforms the mortgage industry by:

  1. Centralizing user data for optimized lending processes.

  2. Providing streamlined case management for faster, superior customer service.

  3. Ensuring secure, cloud-based centralized data accessibility.

  4. Facilitating multi-channel communication and collaboration.

Tandem Bank is the UK's digital "green" bank. It went on the market in 2018 and has had a Salesforce platform as its solution since then. Tandem Bank's platform consists of Service Cloud, Live Agent, Sales Cloud, and Salesforce Connect and is also integrated with Talkdesk. The bank uses Sales Cloud to simplify the process of taking out a mortgage. Also, previously, mortgage paperwork was a long, manual process, but now it can be submitted in 15 minutes instead of 90. As mortgages still require sending physical letters, Conga from AppExchange has simplified generating letters. Also, Salesforce provides 360-degree visibility of customers across every channel in real-time.

RBC Salesforce adoption

Salesforce User Stories for Wealth Management: The Experience of the Royal Bank of Canada

Salesforce statistics say that "Sequoia Financial Group (ed: that provides wealth management and advisory services) achieved 188% ROI with Financial Services Cloud and paid back their investment in one year."

Another Salesforce customer is RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) Wealth Management. They had a problem with piecing together their disparate systems: their advisors had to access 26 systems to make a base of client data to prepare for meetings. That's why RBC Wealth Management decided to work with Salesforce to "consolidate its CRM systems and integrate data from other legacy systems into a unified platform purpose-built for wealth management". Salesforce, in its turn, helped RBC Wealth Management's employees to have a 360-degree view of their clients, streamline processes to ensure personalized experiences, empower the IT team to build and scale faster, and simplify clients' onboarding and account access.

And let's take a look at the experience of using the Salesforce Financial Services Cloud by TD Wealth. The company needed help for "advisors to automate and quicken client account openings and onboarding". They get an intelligence console that provides advisors with recommendations for the next best actions and automated workflows. TD Wealth also identified opportunities and realized the cross-selling between retail banking and wealth channels "by improving communication and enabling efficient, secure record-keeping of client data."

John Hancock Salesforce adoption

Salesforce User Stories for Insurance: The Experience of John Hancock (US)

Insurance businesses have some unique needs: from communications and customer service to collecting payments and handling claims. Salesforce has many benefits that are perfect-match for insurance businesses. Some of them are the following:

Data Analytics. In the insurance sector, Salesforce's data analytics is a game-changer. It empowers insurers to understand customers better, assess sales and marketing strategies, and improve operations. Additionally, it facilitates personalized policies and provides actionable insights through dynamic dashboards, covering lead management, cross-selling opportunities, team performance, and customer segmentation.

Omni-Channel. In today's digital landscape, insurers must connect with customers across diverse channels, both traditional and digital. Omni-channel strategies boost satisfaction and streamline operations. A centralized platform like Salesforce CRM is essential for this, ensuring consistent experiences throughout the customer journey. This unified approach enhances the customer experience, whether exploring policies online, engaging with ads, or filing claims, providing a seamless experience across all channels.

Automation. In insurance, Salesforce streamlines resource-intensive processes, automating data entry to save time and costs while improving accuracy. This automation reduces labor expenses, freeing up resources for enhanced productivity. Salesforce is an invaluable tool for efficiency and cost optimization in the insurance industry.

Let's get acquainted with the story of John Hancock - a famous US-based life insurance company. They have collaborated with Salesforce since 2014 with the aim "to create more modern, digital experiences." Partnering with a Salesforce architect, John Hancock successfully launched an online life insurance portal. This portal simplifies customer access to insurance quotes and application submissions. Such transformation has significantly reduced manual processing steps (processing an application required 140 manual steps), automatically handling the majority. This helped prioritize sales and enhance the quality of customer support. Also, John Hancock company got the benefits as previously mentioned Salesforce clients: a single view of the customers. Previously, the company had to apply to up to 20 locations to manage customers' data.


For fintech companies, delivering first-class client experience is critical for achieving business growth and staying competitive. The Salesforce platform is a comprehensive solution that empowers fintechs to engage their customers more efficiently. As you can see from Salesforce case studies, this CRM can help deal with the challenges of banking, insurance, wealth management, and lending companies.


Oleg Minko, CTO at Sparkybit
Alexey Nayda, CEO at Sparkybit

Salesforce for FinTech is our superpower

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