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Python Developer


python developer in Sparkybit



What knowledge and experience we expect from our candidate:

  • Excellent knowledge of Python;

  • Knowledge of frameworks (Flask, FastAPI, DJango);

  • Experience with SQL/PostgreSQL/MySQL;

  • Hands on experience with Kubernetes;

  • Knowledge of the Linux operating system;

Would be a plus:

  • Experience with media (audio-video-telemetry) projects, experience with streaming, media streaming projects;

  • Experience with Elasticsearch;

  • Knowledge of any additional programming languages as Go, Rust etc.

  • Experience of deploying ML solution (Nvidia containers or solutions running on Kubernetes).


Backend development:

  • Build/develop APIs: REST API, event-driven, and etc.

  • Build/develop Integration with various API: HTTP, Telemetry, other sources

  • Integrate/develop search for querying text data.

  • Improve performance of current solutions: communications, SQL queries and etc.


Backend design:

  • Design backend for application that works with various streaming data(mostly media: audio, video)



In addition to interesting tasks, we also offer:

  • Work as a PE (the company has an accountant who deals with these questions), tax compensation;

  • 18 working days of paid vacation, 5 days of sick leave;

  • Cozy office in the city center; partial remote option

  • A fully equipped workplace in the office with a partial remote working option;

  • Professional growth;

  • Social corporate activities and events.

Join the team!

Adriana Boyarchuk, Recruitment Lead at Sparkybit

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Adriana Boyarchuk

Senior Recruiter

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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